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TiTAN Studios

Representing a groundbreaking shift in the paradigm of content platforms. Under the principle of copyright protection, we facilitate a competitive marketplace for digital content by integrating a profit sharing system.

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The advancement of smart devices offers an opportunity for our society to leap forward to a new era of growth. However, the enhanced accessibility of content is causing new side effects; hence the need for the development of systems that minimize the damages.

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Open Market

We believe that both content users and content providers need to respect the rights to their intellectual properties. TiTANplatform is dedicated to creating a digital content open market culture where no rights are infringed.



Digital Content Open-market Social Media Platform
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Our goal is to harness imagination and creativity to systemize the global software platform
technologies and devise innovative services that improve our daily lives.

Young Yoon
Young Yoon
Representative Director at Titan platform Business management and strategy Hayfield University MBA
KyungSoo Kang
KyungSoo Kang
Kate McCallum
Kate McCallum
Chair, Arts & Media Node, The Millennium Project. Producers Guild of America (PGA) National Board Member. PGA New Media Council
Serge Kajirian
Serge Kajirian
Lead Data Tech and media analytics products at Disney Interactive. Managed Search Technology within Disney Online’s Engineering. Co-Founded PEK Interactive,

Business Ethics

TiTANplatform chooses customer value creation and people-centric management for the business ethics, 

and pursue it based on sympathy and innovation. We respect fair competition under the order of the market economy 

and aim to generate mutual profit with our stakeholders through establishing collaboration based on mutual respect. 

To achieve this, we set ethical standards in which all employee behaviors will be evaluated on,

and commit ourselves to meet the standards.

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Just when you think you know us you should see what’s capable with our International team. We are the new global marketplace, where ideas and art meet commerce and communication, all supported by breakthrough patented copyright protection

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